May Kanji Quiz

Welcome to what will be a recurring feature here at the KSP website – a picture quiz covering a block of kanji. In this case, all the kanji come from the first 200 kanji in the KSP sequence.

Apart from the first picture below, none of the images look like kanji in the traditional sense – most of them don’t even contain anything that looks like a stroke. Nonetheless, to anyone familiar with the notion of kanji as collections of simple ideas, the identity of each kanji is reasonably clear. (If not, read through the first few lessons on this site and then return to the quiz.) Of course, there are other ways to test your kanji knowledge, including drawing them in the KSP app, but the idea of these quizzes will be to reinforce the notion of kanji as meaningful, memorable pictures.

For more information on how to set up the app with your own pictures for each kanji, check out the Youtube demo.


Answers (Password is ‘KSP’)