Online lessons available to #663

Just a quick reminder… If anyone is running out of lessons and mnemonics in the Android app, remember that they are available online, here, as soon as I have finished writing them. A new version of the app will be released soon, with kanji mnemonics up to 1000, but for now kanji are covered in the app to ~#500 and here to #663. (The numbers refer to the KP sequence, not to Heisig frame numbers or to other sequences.)

The ultimate aim is to have lessons and mnemonics for more than 2000 kanji, with pictures provided for each radical, and standard combinations of radicals will be tagged within the mnemonics for automatic incorporation of images, for those who want them. I currently get images from Google Images, but I will be switching to my own photos to avoid copyright infringement, and of course these will be made available to everyone. The images won’t be bundled with the app, because this would make the package size excessive, but they can be downloaded and this can be automated.

The latest online lesson deals with the ‘wind’ radical.

Kanji for Wind