You might have landed on this page because you clicked the ‘Recent Milestones’ link n your KSP screen, from within the app itself. So what are milestones? Basically, they are achievement levels in your kanji-learning journey.

The KSP app will post a very short message to this website when you reach a target of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1500 or 2000 kanji, or when you complete the joyo kanji. The message will not contain any private information except you username and the kanji count of the milestone you just passed, and it will be optional.

To access this function, you will need to have a login name here at this website and you will need to enter the same name as your user name within the app. (Unmatched names will be reported to the server but will not be processed.)

Why bother entering a name? Aren’t you too old (too cool, too cynical, take your choice) to be motivated by the digital equivalent of a gold-star sticker? Maybe, but there are reasons to join in anyway. Let’s face it, you deserve recognition if you learn 100 kanji, and you deserve it even more if you learn 1000 or 2000 kanji. Even if you don’t need the recognition, your progress may motivate others. And by looking at the list of other people’s milestones, and by paying attention to who is at the same part of their kanji journey as you, it might be possible to identify potential study partners. So give it a go. Sign up here, enter your name in the app, and you’re done. The app will report in when you pass the milestones.

For now, the values below are mostly dummy values, used when testing the function (and for a while I set it to report progress in multiples of two, so the milestones were none too impressive). That will change when the app is released in the wild.

green reached 700 kanji
green reached 300 kanji
madz reached 100 kanji
kat reached 200 kanji
madz reached 50 kanji
green reached 250 kanji
tapworth reached 350 kanji
jackandjill reached 200 kanji
tmasters reached 200 kanji
kat reached 150 kanji
tmasters reached 150 kanji