Kanji-Keyword Hover Text and Shortcuts

I’ve just added two plugins to this site that provide a link between kanji and their keywords.

The first plugin provides hover text to translate kanji back to keywords. The plugin still needs a little tweaking, but try hovering your mouse (or tapping with your finger on a touch-screen) over the kanji.

The hover tip does not currently appear when the kanji is part of a word, is next to an html tag, or in a few other settings. To make sure your comments have the correct hover tips, so that other beginners can keep track of what kanji you are discussing, it’s safest to put the kanji in parentheses like this… ().

(The plugin does not currently provide hover text on the home page, which lists multiple posts, but works when those posts are visited individually. This should be fixed soon.)

The second addition is a text-replacement plugin that should make life easier for people wanting to enter kanji into their PC or mobile phone when they want to make a comment in the forum. Although many people already have their phones setup for entering kanji, people at the start of their kanji journey are not likely to know how to do this, or don’t know the vocabulary that would be needed to use a standard kanji-entry system.

On this site, text within forum entries will pass through a filter so that combinations like :keyword: will be replaced with the appropriate kanji. For instance, : water : (but without the spaces) will become .

You can combine both of these effects by typing ( : water : ) without the spaces, which is exactly what I did to produce the above kanji.

Note that, if the kanji has been recognised by the hover plugin, it will be marked with a shadow.

Test it yourself