Kanji 734-747. Walking Legs

The ‘walking legs’ primitive is shown below, in the kanji for ‘winter’ – all but the last two strokes at the bottom constitute the ‘walking legs’ primitive. The shape is similar to the primitive we’ve been calling ‘mata’ (), which looks a little like a crotch or bikini bottoms – but the walking legs primitive has an extra stroke, marking off the upper border of a leg. (The triangle still looks like a crotch). The primitive also looks somewhat like the tilted moon of ‘evening’ (), but changed as if the third stroke of evening has been tilted and elongated to become a leg.

Kanji for Winter


#734. You have to dispose of something. Do you use your walking legs to take it to the bin, or do you just throw in in the wind?


#735. Winter is ski season! I get to exchange my walking legs with skis… See those two parallel lines, those are my ski trails.


#736. Reminder to the man in charge of army logistics: for each pair of walking legs, there is also a mouth to feed.


#737. I have been practising stealthy walking… Now my walking legs can go over a whole tree and you won’t hear one twig snap.


#738. Imagine your ‘person’ character arrives, announcing they are staying for the night. They set their ‘top hat’ aside, put their ‘walking legs’ with muddy boots up on your sofa, and demand a ‘drop’ of your finest.


#739. At my house, each guest gets a room.


#740. At this horticultural academy, the rules are simple: you get a tree each, and your status will be determined by how quickly and healthily it grows.


#741. Summer is hiking season: I put down my pages of work, and head out with my walking legs. (Compare with ‘winter’).


#742. This is an abbreviation of , and it is used in wills when farmers want want to leave one rice paddy to each of their sons when they die. It’s a particularly stupid abbreviation, because it uses just as many strokes as , just written a bit smaller.


#743. If you drink too much fluid, you’ll be up passing water all night.


#744. We had a lot of fun the other day: we put a lot of H20 on the grass, and watched each fall that resulted.


#745. Claws, crown, heart, walking legs… Plot of a love song: first she got her claws into me, and I felt like I’d been crowned, but then she broke my heart when she told me to use my walking legs and leave.

dairy products

#746. We’re making creamy cocktails: take these dairy products, and add a shot of alcohol to each.


#747. Remember this with the kanji for ‘love’. It’s the same story of love gone bad, but now her claws have gone, and I just have a melancholy page of lyrics.