Kanji 489-503. Fourteen-stroke Combinations

By adding fourteen-stroke combinations, using elements we already know, we will push past the 500 kanji mark.

Lesson under construction


#489. Another variation of ‘graveyard’, without the ‘soil’ at the bottom.

Picture a graveyard that has no soil, so it uses imitation plastic trees.


#490. A graveyard variant, this time with the element at the bottom:

He earned his livelihood digging in the graveyard all day ().


#491. The moon/meat element on the left is a clue that this is a part of the body… The membranes in your flesh () disintegrate in the graveyard.

pig iron

#492. Pig-iron is a substance that was pure metal () before () it got smelted with carbon.

Note, this kanji was remove from the official joyo kanji in 2010.


#493. The inscription on the door was a strip of metal () with a name () on it.


#494. ‘Can’ (), ‘can’ () and ‘lack ().
The can-can dancers lacked a song to dance to, so they just jiggled about on stage in silence.


#495. The ideal real estate purchase: land () that was formerly () cheap but has now increased () in value.


#496. Formerly (), my state of mind was full of hate for kanji, now I find them fun.


#497. Another modified graveyard, with a Valentine replacing the soil. The combination creates a clear picture of pining for a lost love, standing by the graveside, placing a valentine tribute on the tomb.


#498. State of mind, sun, eye, crotch (mata).
He is often ridiculed for having his mind and his eye on crotches all day.


#499. Loosening up in the first week of the holiday… Hang around the H2O, under the sun (), shades over the eyes (), wearing your new bikinis ().


#500. The monster that stepped forward had ten eyes and looked fearsome but we soon realised it had a benevolent heart.


#501. H2O, ‘car’ () and ‘axe’ ().
The water was steadily rising, filling the car, so I grabbed my axe and smashed the window.


#502. The secrets of producing alcohol () by fermentation are passed on to the son who displays the most filial piety ().


#503. The cruel man forced people to drink whiskey () to encourage them to make revelations ().