Kanji 461-488. Thirteen-stroke Combinations

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Extending the stroke count to thirteen, we can reach 28 new kanji without adding any new elements, at the same time as we review a number of primitives and kanji we’ve already met.


#461. Imagine a stubborn schoolboy refusing to do his homework, sitting at his desk with his book open to the beginning () page ().


#462. If you possess () a lot of money () you can bribe whoever you want.


#463. The author was so skilled that I felt a growing anxiety and had trouble reassuring myself that the fire () was merely on the page ().


#464. A desirable grave is in a grassy place, preferably where the sun () shines, with a big () plot and enough soil ().


#465. Metal book.
From danieru at koohi.com:
This is the bowl of an alchemist: see how he mixes metals () in his bowl, as he follows the instructions from his book ()?


#466. The next () bit of money () I get, I’m converting it to assets.


#467. Inter- () The concept of love is based on two hearts () inter-()acting as one.


#468. Humility is a state of mind in which you are truthful (true, ) about your faults.


#469. Remember my ? The one who was in the water? Well, he acts as a swim (), and keeps a careful on all the swimmers.


#470. Beak the page () into parts (), known as partitions.


#471. The importance of product placement: put it at eye level so it is seen straightaway.


#472. This kanji refers to a metal () that loses () its shine as it rusts, and it almost ends up looking vermilion ().

Buddhist priest

#473. Combines person and ‘formerly’ () to make a Buddhist priest.
The Buddhist priest had to erase all memory of who he had been formerly () when he was a normal person ().

slant | lean

#474. The traditional Heisig keyword, lean, is ambiguous. This has nothing to do with being thin, it is all about slanting.
I think I need to change () my printer, every page () comes out with a terrible slanting lean to the text.


#475. Let’s keep it simple: Placing trees on this alter is prohibited.


#476. If you do not know who someone () is you can get them to look into a fancy eye () scanner, or just check their signature ().


#477. The contrast between rich and poor is sadly evident when their cars () mingle () on the street.


#478. I consumed alcohol () until I was in a fine state () of drunkenness but the next morning I was repaid with the worst hangover ever.


#479. Ten () drummers are beating on a drum () with drumsticks made from breaking up a branch () and putting a couple of beans () on the ends of the sticks.

Note. Take the opportunity to consider the kanji for ‘rejoice’ (), which also has the ten-plus-beans combination.


#480. When the bank issues a statement, you get a page () that shows you all the deposits () you have made beforehand ().


#481. Many kanji with the moon/meat element on the left refer to body arts, and this is no exception – the body part is the waist, small of the back, or loins. The combination on the right means ‘need’ (), so to make a mnemonic, think of a need related to the small of the back, such as the need to get up and stretch it now and then.


#482. From koohi.com: In the Old West (西), they used to light fires () in the ground () to make smoke signals.


#483. H2O, ‘too much’ (), and ‘soil’ (). You can make a primitive paint from soil () and H2O, but you need to make sure you don’t have H2O because it will be too runny; and it won’t be runny enough.


#484. ‘Person’ () and ‘move’ (). This kanji could represent people smuggling, a controversial line of work.


A folk festival, with people in white gathered in the trees, waving sparklers, listening to the music.


#486. Leather () is changed () into shoes.


#487. The location of a sailor who is sent to a watery (H2O) grave () always remains vague ().

Compare with ‘grave’ () – the watery version is not simply H2O plus grave, but a modification in which soil is replaced by water (in a different position).


#488. Another modification of ‘grave’, with soil replaced by ‘power’ ().
Like graves? Have muscles? We are currently recruiting gravediggers, apply within. (Please remove all soil first.)