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    I note you have abandoned some of the traditional Heisig keywords in favor of your own keywords. This could make it confusing for students who have come to KSP from ‘Remebering the kanji’.

    Could you please provide a list of the differences?


    Hi there Green,

    Yes, I will prepare a list. Some of the keywords are not 100% final. For instance, I just changed to ‘mata’, choosing a Japanese word because no English word was entirely suitable.

    I have followed the general principle that I will occasionally use a word different to the one proposed by Heisig, but I will not use one of Heisig’s words for an existing kanji. For instance, it would have been appropriate in some ways to call ‘I’, but this has already been used for , so I went with ‘watashi’ for .

    I’ll post on the current differences soon, and I’ll finalise the list before the official release of the Android app.




    This list is not complete, but I am aware of the following differences (KSP word first):

    sun – day ()
    moon – month ()
    watashi – private ()
    situation – but of course ()
    mata – and again ()
    farmhouse – house ()

    Some of these have not yet been incorporated into the beta-testing version of the app.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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