Returning soon

The KSP project has been busy in the last two months with a major revision of the software, including some important bug fixes, new back-up facilities, and selection of Japanese keywords for the standard 2042 kanji in the KSP list.

A new version will be available very soon, and then posts and lessons will reappear here at the site.

I am also working on another language-learning project, which should allow users to design their own language-testing content and share it with others worldwide. The first two languages offered will be Japanese and English, and the idea will be that native speakers of each language will provide content (pictures and audio) for learners of that language. This will eventually link in to the 2042 Japanese keywords featured in KSP, so you optionally hear Japanese as you draw.

Thanks for your patience.


The Android app has been taken offline because of some bugs I found recently. A new version will be available in a couple of days. The most serious bug is that progress is occasionally not saved – this appears to happen when a device is shut down without first exiting the app (but I will need to run some tests). If you have learned a large number of kanji and do not want to lose your work, make sure you close the app first. The other bugs are more in the ‘annoying’ category. Details to follow.

Kanji Jigsaw

Visiting via a desktop? Try your hand at the following jigsaw, which shows the start of the KSP kanji sequence… Although the jigsaw can be done based on the colour and shape of the pieces, with no kanji knowledge, try doing the jigsaw by naming the keyword of each kanji and considering the overall sequence. This gives you a chance to practise recognition of the kanji. You should also revise your mnemonics as you place the individual pieces. The puzzle includes kanji up to Lesson 16 from the KSP Android app (H2O and Ice), which is also found here.

Note. The jigsaw is not suitable to attempt on a small screen.