Android App To-do List

Progress has slowed in the last week because I have been busy with my day job…

Here’s a quick view of what needs to be done:

Complete the lessons. Currently at Kanji 878. A new batch of lessons will be added to the app when I hit Kanji 1000.

Provide images. All core kanji and primitives will have a default image provided, so that users can immediately start using picture hints if they like. Currently users have to add their own pictures. This has some advantages in terms of cementing the memories, but is too much work for many busy people.

Provide image tags. Currently, the grouping of strokes into primitives must be done by each user. Although this is a great way to review the structure of each kanji, it is labour-intensive and most users would prefer that the kanji were pre-digested into primitives.

Japanese keywords. Although I agree with Heisig that it is important to ‘divide and conquer’ the task of linking shapes with meanings and with readings, I have some sympathy for the view that kanji should be learned in context sooner rather than later. I am working on a compromise approach that progresses mature items to a Japanese prompt.

Responsiveness. The current version of the app has slow periods related to loading the dictionary and readings, and checking the stale status of items. This can be optimised. There is not much point checking for stale items during a session, for instance. This can be checked on resumption of using the app, on checking the progress graph, and so on.

The app will not be at its best until these issue shave been sorted out. Thanks for your patience while I work on them. Remember that, during this beta phase, all upgrades are free if you join the beta testing group.